Frequently Asked Questions

Does Island Wifi offer truly unlimited data?

Yes, we don’t have any hidden limits, when you receive your unit, it is completely unlimited service.   (Bahamas Territory ONLY)

How fast is the speed of the device?

Our portable wifi device uses 4G LTE service. Speeds fluctuate depending on the location, and the amount of traffic on the towers, but it is very fast and reliable unlimited data.

How do I receive my unit if in the Bahamas?

For locations we do not have an agent on, we ship directly to you using air services. In most cases, your unit will arrive the same day if the order is placed before 12:00 pm.    Agents currently active at- Freeport-Grand Bahama, Nassau-New Providence, Great Harbour Cay-Berry Islands.

How do I cancel my service?

Simply email your cancellation date and device information to

Are there any hidden charges?

No, we are upfront with our customers and will never deceive in order to make an extra dollar. Just pay the service cost, 1 time device deposit, and $10 shipping/delivery fee and you’re ready to enjoy unlimited high speed internet. There is a $15 late payment fee and if service has been disconnected, there is a $25 reconnect fee.     Sim can be retained for inactive months of device possession at $10 per month (minimum one month activity required with each activation).  Device is intended for use in Bahamas Territory only- roaming charges may apply if used outside of intended service area. 

Can I receive my device before arriving to the Bahamas?

Yes! We now ship to the US and Canada, from Miami, Fl to the address you provide. Expedited shipping available. 

Please note service start date will begin when the device is received.